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Special thanks to John Butler, son Jim Butler and Steve Poole for orchestrating a very enjoyable cruise to Manheim Auto Auctions in Newburgh, NY. Thanks also to Manheim Auto for the significant financial support provided to CMCC as the designated charity. And of course, thank you for the support provided by the club members and the 25 Corvettes they drove to New York. It was a long day with an early start, but very worthwhile for the club and all who participated.

Full Event Calendar Here
  • Mar 21, Tues, Board and Monthly Mtg
  • Apr 18, Tues, Board and Monthly Mtg
  • Apr 22, Wetherfield Chanber Car Show
  • Apr 23, Kick Off Brunch Cruise
  • May 14, Rocky Hill Car Show, Mothers Day
  • May 16, Tues, Board and Monthly Mtg
  • May 20, Vettes Fighting Cancer, Berlin, CT
  • May 21, Club Function, Northwest District


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